Submission instructions:

Sorry, we are not currently accepting submissions.

Please use the form below to send us your audio file or written script.

Submissions must meet the general submission rules below before they can be aired. We will contact every applicant even if their submission is rejected for any reason. We are interested to see that your submission receives air-play!

Accepted submissions will be aired during the Amateur Hour Show. Selected submissions will also receive air-play throughout the week.

- SUBMISSION DUE DATE: Submissions must be made one week in advance of the next scheduled Amateur Hour Show.
- ACCEPTABLE THEMES (OR TOPICS): The subject and content of the material should relate to the general themes of radio drama, comedy or variety shows. We prefer themes that relate to the "golden age" of radio; however, we will consider all other themes as well. Material as diverse as poetry readings and contemporary audio plays will be considered. DO NOT send us recordings of old time radio shows. Amateur hour is a program for new, original work; a place for you to showcase your talent.
- TIME LIMIT: A run-time of 10 minutes or less is preferable. Longer recordings of up to 28 minutes in length will also be considered.

- COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS: All material must be under the public domain, creative commons license, or otherwise copyright free. OR, if you are the copyright holder, then by submitting your work you are permitting 20th Century Radio to air your material without restriction. By submitting your script or recording you must certify that no restrictions or limitations exist, and that 20th Century Radio has the right to air the material without compensation to any individual or business entity.
- FILE FORMATS: AUDIO - Most any audio file format will work. We prefer to receive mp3 at 44mhz (or less) and 64kbps (or less). TEXT - If you are submitting a written script file, we prefer to receive .txt or .doc formats.
- SCRIPT SUBMISSIONS: NOTE. Sorry, we are not taking script submissions at this time. Submitted scripts will be read by Joseph Maas or some other professional voice over artist of our choice and recorded at OneGeoVO Studio. The readings will be "dry;" however, we may mix in background sounds and/or music if it is appropriate. Any suggestions you may have regarding production will be considered and appreciated.
- FEE, SCRIPTS SUBMITTED: $75 per every 5 minutes of finished work. (Five minutes is roughly equivalent to one page of normal size type, single line spacing.) Fees will be paid via PayPal or commonly used credit cards are also accepted.
Q & A:
- QUESTION: Can I include a plug for my business in the recording such as a by-line or a mention of my web site, etc?
- ANSWER: Yes, of course!
- QUESTION: How can I get my recording played at times other than the Amateur Hour Show?
- ANSWER: The higher the quality of the material you submit, the more likely it is to receive air-time beyond our show.
- QUESTION: Can I get a copy of my recorded script?
- ANSWER: Yes, of course! We will be happy to provide you with a high fidelity file that you may use for any purpose.
Please send any other questions to:
Amateur Hour - submission form


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IMPORTANT: Please leave this page opened until the "Thank you" page appears. File uploads may take several minutes.
Thank you!
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