20th Century Radio internet broadcasts are free for anyone with an internet connection and a device to receive audio streams in commonly used formats. Our chief goal is to facilitate easy access to the rich cultural heritage that OTR represents, for everyone. We also realize these broadcasts may be especially valuable for the visually impaired.
The broadcasts made from 20th Century Radio are solely for the education and entertainment of our listeners. We believe that historic preservation is essentially lifeless unless it can be studied and enjoyed by present and future generations. Our position is that the educational value of OTR is priceless because it provides the opportunity to hear history as it unfolds from the scripts and character portrayals as well as from the occasional broadcast news flashes of the time. Radio shows previous to the mid 50s were often produced live in-studio and therefore may be one of the most, if not THE most dynamic representation of 20th century history available to us today. In other words, our broadcasts consist of a "living history" that we believe should be readily available for everyone in today's world.

20th Century Radio is a donation, and sponsorship supported venture. We will continue to broadcast 99% commercial free, although from time to time we may gratefully acknowledge our various sponsors whose generosity has made our broadcasts possible. 

The materials used on this site and the data streamed in our broadcasts have been researched and found to be either in the public domain, or licensed under Creative Commons:

Our broadcasts are not edited; the full, original attributions and commercials remain in tact. In some cases we have employed a professional recording studio to clean up and otherwise heighten the clarity of some of these recordings. We recognize that we are only one small link in what is very often a long chain of events to bring these great radio shows and music performances back into the public sphere. We are fully aware that many, many people have worked long hours without compensation to collect and preserve these recordings, many of which have only recently seen the light of day after having been stored away in closets, attics and cellars for well over half a century. Please see our Special Acknowledgement page. If you believe we have missed giving proper credit on our site or in our broadcasts, please send us email or use the form below and give us the detail of your effort and participation.

As stated above, it is our belief that the materials used on this site and the records of our broadcasts are in the public domain or released to the public under Creative Commons; however if you and/or your organization believes that our use of this material constitutes a copyright infringement, please know that this is far from our intention. Once any such issue has been brought to our attention and once your claim can be verified, we will remove the offending material without delay. Please contact us at the following email address regarding any such matter -

The does not allow this site to be framed in any manner within another web site. Also, we do not allow a practice that is commonly known as "hot linking." Broadcasts can be received freely by anyone with an internet connection.
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