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From sincere and authoritative to informative and humorous, your audience will know they have tuned in to an outstanding broadcast.

Voice acting is communicating ideas powered by emotion. Successful promotional voice over brings awareness to what's being promoted and creates a memorable, lasting impression. Simple, right? This process demands the ability to capture attention while moving out of the way of the message so the subject matter can be delivered with utmost clarity. This exquisite balancing act is the challenge we recognize and take very seriously with each voice over project.

An effective public service announcements will encourage, inspire, and connect the listener with your organization. We give every PSA our typical 110% effort for maximum impact.

When a convincing persona with that extra level of narrative appeal is called for, we roll up our sleeves and dive right in! The character is fleshed out through use of the back-story, visualization and physicality. The mic is switched on only after an in-depth study. We want to walk in their shoes and observe the way they might view the world and react to a given situation.

Flexibility and service is foremost at OneGeoVO Studio. We offer expertly mastered, broadcast-ready results. The finished OneGeoVO product may be a high quality file with the voice-over track only. Or it may be a fully mastered, broadcast ready file. Selections from our large library of top quality commercial music and unique ambient sounds can be mixed in for no additional fee.* We can also integrate tracks of your licensed/released music or other work into the final mix. Finished mastered products include a dry (voice only) file.
Originally composed music or custom rendered sound effects may require an additional fee.

With over 25 years of studio recording and engineering experience, the end product is fleshed out using some of the most advanced audio gear and DSP software available today. Indeed, after the voice, the studio IS our instrument. (Please see our About Us page for more information.) Finished production files are delivered in any of the commonly used high fidelity formats (MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF, etc.). Files are made available for transfer direct to your studio utilizing our high speed LinkSky internet server.

Copy editing services are also available upon request, and usually for no additional charge.

Client directed refinement passes are never a problem. Instructions received by telephone or by email are always given top priority. Optionally, recording sessions can be directed in real time using our phone-patch/Audio Broadcast Host, with finished audio recorded directly to our web server for quick review.

Once the project is accepted, your deadlines will be met with precision.

When it comes to turnaround, price, and quality, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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